Wyndie HavnaerWith the school year just getting underway, we learn some surprising news about one of the board of trustees of Fort Mill School District. Wyndie Havnaer has decided not to seek re-election in November. In an interview with The Fort Mill Times, Havnaer said, “It has just gotten to be a labor of love and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but after 16 years it’s time for some new blood.”


After receiving encouragement from friends and having recent graduates of Fort Mill High, Havnaer’s first campaign was in 1998. She felt serving on the board was one way to show her appreciation to the school district.


“I have a degree in education so I’ve always been a supporter of public education and I just wanted to do some service to our community,” Havnaer said in her interview with The Fort Mill Times. “Our community had given so much to me and my family and I just wanted to give back to it.”


During the four terms on the board, she saw the district grow from five schools to 15.


When asked who should replace her, Havnaer said, “They need a new rookie in there every now and then, and new ideas. We’ve got so many people coming into the community that can share some new things. It was just time (to step down)”.


Three other incumbents – Patrick White, Wayne Bouldin and Diane Dasher – did file to run for new terms and two past candidates, Michele Branning and Brian Boyd, as well as a first-time candidate, John Petzel, are also running for school board. Voting is at-large and the top four vote-getters win.